Kvanza was born on an idea and philosophy by a visioner entrepreneur.

The main philosophy of this start-up is: A new era starts for the world... Subjects like, Computers, Internet, Additive Manufacturing and Climate Change are changing the world economy. Not only trade or industry but also our life styles. Accordingly, known economic philosophies started to be not sufficient to describe economic conditions. That is why last decade was full of economic unsolved problems. The world economy, still looks for the good old days.

And our idea for solution is simple: “TO SHARE”!!!

We have analyzed all of present business systems. And decided to create a new system. Not one system but best sides of other systems. Main philosophy is to be wide spread at masses and to create reasonable income for them.

Based on a kind of marketing system (Like Re/Max or some other companies). This system gives companies central marketing and investing power which inviduals can't handle personally. Also from the first moment, our system focused on generating reasonable income for our Kvanza Business Partners.

We believe one very simple thing. If the richer become masses, not only a few people, the world has much more possibility. Imagine a much richer world. We don't mean everybody becomes billionaire, but everybody must have enough income for more comfortable life. It is one of the basic human rights for whole world. It is a win win situation. And it is our goal.

So this Philosophy and Idea gathered entrepreneurs from different places of the world with different backgrounds under one roof.

To become our partner do not hesitate to contact with us.

And second part of this philosophy is "TO DELIVER BEST PRODUCTS AT BEST PRICES"!!!

Until now, we were at the kitchen. Developed many system based procedures, routines which are sub products who used by big companies in their products. So probably you already use one of our products.

Now Kvanza starts this journey with Internet Technology for the Public... Our first product EWB (Easy Web Builder) is a very competitive MODULAR CLOUD computing product for the masses. Customers get First Class Online Web Site Design, Web Mail, Web Calendar, Web Office and Online Storage and al these services are 33% cheaper than our nearest competitor.

Kvanza will be not only a software developer company for big companies but will be one of the main players for the cloud technology for consumers.

All on the cloud. All modular and all can be added to EWB.Imagine this power behind you.

And we haven't talked about our coming products like CRM, ERP, BIG DATA, ACCOUNTING, HOTEL MANAGEMENT, TRAVEL AGENT SYSTEM, POS SYSTEM, VIRTUAL PBX , VIDEO CONFERENCING (up to 10 000s), MANUFACTURING SYSTEMS, IOT ( Internet of Things, Managing Devices which are connected to the Internet), APPOINTMENT BOOKING SYSTEMS (For Beauty Salons, Doctors, Mechanics, etc.), DIGITAL SIGNAGE AND IP/TV, and many others. And more, you will also have an incredible software coding support from us.

Third part of our system is "TO SUPPLY WIDE SPREAD PRODUCTS"

We know nobody is same. Somebody is better at technical things like coding, somebody has abilities like drawing, somebody is best at organizing and somebody sales. So we want to create opportunities for everybody. Of course we do and will have our limits, so we have to declare that we want to create opportunities for our Business Partners, as much as possible...

EWB is just a start. Our business partners can take private and big projects. Soon we will have IT and Electronics Hardware Products line, such as RFID Systems, Tablets, Mobile Systems, Consumer Electronics and many others.

These are just for IT SBU (Information Technology Strategic Business Unit). Now let us cut it short here. Our friends already started to plan some other SBUs. We will also launch new subjects, soon. In service business, fashion, cosmetics, and others....

To be a member of Kvanza family, please fill out the form below! We will contact with you as soon as possible and talk about what we can give to you and what we can do together...